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Photoshop Society

Photoshop Society is one of the pioneer Photoshop training and download hub that offers free online Photoshop tutorials. The society treasures some of the industry's best editors and designers, who represent their unique work and also guide the art enthusiasts how to use Photoshop tools through simple tutorials.


Inside Photoshop is the trusted online design magazine that simplifies Photoshop and gives access to a vast library where you can find numerous Photoshop tutorials created by our in-house experts. Through simplified tutorials you can perform functions such as Photoshop image effects, text effects, actions, shapes, WordPress-ready templates, and hi-resolution images and create wonderful artifact with an ease.


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Latest Issue ( Inside Photoshop July 2015)

    Inside Photoshop, July 2015
  • Set your type ablaze with Photoshop CC 2014's Flame filter

    With summer in full swing, you’re probably looking for a hot way to enhance your designs. But let’s face it—during the dog days of summer you want something sizzling yet simple. Well look no further—with CC 2014’s Flame filter and some type, you can create simple, satisfying sizzling hot text effects like the one shown in Figure... Read more
  • Create splendid infrared images with a simple mix

    Infrared photography is great for bringing out the mystery and intrigue in a given subject. In Figure A, you can see an image of a park shot in infrared. In regular black and white, this picture wouldn’t be very remarkable, but in infrared, it has a spooky, surreal quality that catches your attention. However, you don’t necessarily need to purcha... Read more
  • Create realistic rippled reflections with a displacement map

    by Amy Palermo Surface treatments, such as reflections, can add great interest and visual excitement to images. Simple reflections are quick, and easy to do, but more complex ones that conform to a surface’s texture such as a ripple on the water, can pose a different challenge. How do you get the reflection to conform to the same ripple? We’ll s... Read more