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Photoshop Society

Photoshop Society is one of the pioneer Photoshop training and download hub that offers free online Photoshop tutorials. The society treasures some of the industry's best editors and designers, who represent their unique work and also guide the art enthusiasts how to use Photoshop tools through simple tutorials.


Inside Photoshop is the trusted online design magazine that simplifies Photoshop and gives access to a vast library where you can find numerous Photoshop tutorials created by our in-house experts. Through simplified tutorials you can perform functions such as Photoshop image effects, text effects, actions, shapes, WordPress-ready templates, and hi-resolution images and create wonderful artifact with an ease.


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Latest Issue ( Inside Photoshop April 2016)

    Inside Photoshop, April 2016
  • Cut print costs with duotones

    by T.N. Tumbusch Between the simple monotone of black and white printing and the rainbow tapestry of process color lurks the shadowy realm of duotones. Long a staple of budget-conscious designers, duotones are sometimes overlooked by Photoshop users because they don’t behave like images in other color modes. But don’t let this stop you. What ar... Read more
  • Make your images look dreamy with a soft focus

    by Renée Dustman In your mind’s eye, you see the picture you’re about to take as ethereal. Once you have a look at it onscreen, though, you wonder where the dream-like qualities are. As with our “Before” image shown in Figure A, your image may look flat and unimaginative. Where’s the soft focus? Where’s the heavenl... Read more
  • Correct imperfections in digital photos with the Healing Brush

    by Jim Whitcomb Have you ever come across an image that would be perfect to use except for a spot located right in the middle of your subject? A speck of dust, a scratched paint job, or a smudge of dirt can all render your image less than desirable. But you don’t have to let a little spot ruin an entire image. Photoshop’s Healing Brush tool is a... Read more