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Photoshop Society

Photoshop Society is one of the pioneer Photoshop training and download hub that offers free online Photoshop tutorials. The society treasures some of the industry's best editors and designers, who represent their unique work and also guide the art enthusiasts how to use Photoshop tools through simple tutorials.


Inside Photoshop is the trusted online design magazine that simplifies Photoshop and gives access to a vast library where you can find numerous Photoshop tutorials created by our in-house experts. Through simplified tutorials you can perform functions such as Photoshop image effects, text effects, actions, shapes, WordPress-ready templates, and hi-resolution images and create wonderful artifact with an ease.


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Latest Issue ( Inside Photoshop July 2014)

    Inside Photoshop, July 2014
  • Accurately color correct images in 3 simple steps

    by Amy Palermo Every image deserves individualized attention when it comes to color correction. Whether an image has a color cast, uneven tones, or low contrast—just to name a few problems—this three step technique is sure to bring your images color back into balance as shown in Figure A. APlease label A1 Before color correcting and A2 After color ... Read more
  • Dynamic Duo: 2 Smart Object updates you dont want to miss!

    by Amy Palermo Smart Objects have been around since Photoshop CS2. While that seems like eons ago, its given Adobe plenty of time to advance the technology. CS3 saw the addition of Smart Filters, and the second update of CC (14.2) brought linked Smart Objects. The recent Photoshop CC 2014 upgrade offers even more Smart Object improvements, including the a... Read more
  • Take your photos to the next dimension with this outside-the-box technique

    by Amy Palermo As you scan through your archive looking for a fantastic image for your next assignment, dont pass over images just because they have boring backgrounds or unbalanced compositions. Instead, use this technique and give your image a dynamic boost. A Not only will this technique save your blasé prints, itll add even more life to your a... Read more