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Photoshop Society

Photoshop Society is one of the pioneer Photoshop training and download hub that offers free online Photoshop tutorials. The society treasures some of the industry's best editors and designers, who represent their unique work and also guide the art enthusiasts how to use Photoshop tools through simple tutorials.


Inside Photoshop is the trusted online design magazine that simplifies Photoshop and gives access to a vast library where you can find numerous Photoshop tutorials created by our in-house experts. Through simplified tutorials you can perform functions such as Photoshop image effects, text effects, actions, shapes, WordPress-ready templates, and hi-resolution images and create wonderful artifact with an ease.


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Latest Issue ( Inside Photoshop June 2015)

    Inside Photoshop, June 2015
  • Plant a forest with the Tree and Picture Frame filters in Photoshop CC 2014

    by Amy Palermo When you’re creating unique art in Photoshop, you probably turn to filters for help. Now you can use filters to not only enhance your work but also create it! With Photoshop CC 2014’s Tree and Picture Frame filters you can create unique and realistic trees as well as decorative frame edges, for timeless illustrations like the one ... Read more
  • Draw viewers in with a well-defined focal point

    by Amy Gebhardt One of the best methods to create a focal point in an image is to apply a slight blur to the surrounding elements. In a sense, this forces viewers to see what you want them to see, and it’s a subtle enough technique that the blur won’t detract from the overall image. Photoshop’s Lens Blur filter enables you to create more r... Read more
  • Burn image edges for a classy and dramatic vignette effect

    by Amy Palermo Living in today’s fast-paced society can take its toll on even the most entrepreneurial spirit. While you can’t turn back the clock, you can use Photoshop to allure your clients with this old-fashioned technique. So take a step back in time with this simple—yet dramatic—burned-edge vignette effect, as shown in Figure A... Read more