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Library: Creative Design


Automate Acrobat to batch process InDesign files to PDF

Added on Monday 15th of February 2010 04:11 am EST


Exporting InDesign documents to PDF is probably something you do quite often—and when you’re only exporting one fi le to PDF, the Export command in InDesign works just fi ne. But, what about when you need to export several InDesign fi les to PDF? Or, when you need to compile several InDesign fi les into a single PDF? If you have Acrobat 7 and InDesign CS2, the answer is at your fi ngertips.

Export multiple InDesign documents to PDF without Acrobat
Don’t have Acrobat Professional or Standard 7?
You still have the ability to simultaneously export multiple InDesign documents to a single PDF. All you have to do is book your documents. Then, you can export them to PDF.
To export booked InDesign documents to PDF:
1. Choose File > New > Book in InDesign.
2. Name the book, specify where you want to save it, and then click Save in the New Book dialog box.
3. Click the Add Documents button or choose Add Document from the Book palette pop-up menu.
4. Select all the documents you want to export to PDF—it helps to have them all in one folder. Then, click Open (Add in Windows).
5. Select all the documents in the Book palette and then choose E...