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Get your sweet message noticed engrave it in chocolate

Added on Tuesday 27th of March 2007 01:33 am EST


Adobe Photoshop 7/CS/CS2

Operating Systems:

Macintosh, Microsoft Windows


You may feel too presumptuous sending chocolates to your clients, but don’t shy away from sending them a scrumptious chocolaty message. We’ll show you how to create a personalized confection that won’t come off as flirtatious, but it will be sure to keep your company first in your client’s eye. 


To create a personalized chocolate creation, we’ll:

     Show you how to set up the document to create the chocolate bar for the base of this technique.

     Explain how to create a lined pattern for the texture on the chocolate bar.

     Show you how to place your logo or text message on the candy creation for a personalized touch.

     Tell you which settings you’ll need to set to scribe the message in the candy.


You didn’t think you’d get through February without a Valentine treat from us, now did you? The holidays are behind us but don’t ever overlook a chance to say “Thank you!” to your loyal customers. Save the candy hearts for the one you truly love, but go ahead and make a personalized chocolate creation, such as the one shown in Figure A, to send to those who have supported your business through the years. We’ll show you how easy it is.



Pour the foundation


We’ll begin by creating a new document in the shape of our chocolate bar. While you can apply this technique with any image size, the settings provided throughout this article are specific to our sample image.


To create a candy bar sized document:

1.       Press [command]N ([Ctrl]N in Windows) to open the New Document dialog box.

2.      Enter Chocolate in the Name text box, and choose inches from the Width pop-up menu.

3.      Enter 5 in the Width text box, 2.5 in the Height text box, 300 in the Resolution text box, and choose RGB from the Color Mode pop-up menu.

4.      Choose White from the Background Contents pop-up menu and click OK.

5.      Set the Foreground color to a dark brown. We used R-G-B coordinates of 87-63-54 respectively.

6.      Choose Edit > Fill.

7.      Choose Foreground Color from the Use pop-up menu and click OK to fill your document with brown as shown in Figure B.



Make the mold


Now that the basic shape of the chocolate bar is in place we can put our design on it. You can use whatever you want: a custom shape, a logo, or a simple text message. We’ll add some text and a pattern of lines to ours.


To add text to the chocolate bar:

1.       Turn off the visibility for the Background layer so you can see the text layer.

2.      Choose the Horizontal Type tool horizontal_type from the Toolbox.

3.      Set the Type tool options on the tool options bar. We used an Impact font at 75pt and applied the same R-G-B color mix we used for the chocolate.

4.      Click on the document and type THANK YOU! or a message of your choice.

5.      Choose the Move tool move from the Toolbox and click and drag the type to center it in the document window, as shown in Figure C.



To make the lined pattern:

1.       Press [command][option] ([Ctrl][Alt] in Windows) and click on the Create A New Layer button create_new at the base of the Layers palette. The New Layer dialog box will appear.

Tip: Pressing [command] ([Ctrl] in Windows) places the new layer beneath the active layer in the Layers palette. Pressing [option] ([Alt] in Windows) opens the New Layer dialog box so you can easily name your layer. Pressing them both simultaneously, as we have here, does both.

2.      Enter Lines in the name text box and click OK. The Lines layer appears just beneath the text layer.

3.      Choose the Brush tool Brush from the toolbox.



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