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Library: Creative Design


Convert text to outlines using InDesign's Create Outlines command (CS/CS2)

Added on Wednesday 4th of February 2009 09:23 am EST


The ability to create outlines from text is a wonderful feature of InDesign. It not only enables you to transfer and email documents without including the fonts, but it also allows you to use your text as vector art. However, once you convert your text to outlines, it is no longer editable. A simple work-around is to make a copy of your text as you convert it.

To do this, press [option], ([Alt] in Windows), as you select Type > Create Outlines. InDesign fi rst creates a copy of your selected text, and then converts it to outlines. In doing so, you preserve your original text should you later fi nd a reason to edit it. To fi nish, locate your editable text on an invisible locked layer until you need it.