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Library: Creative Design


Get the most out of a single file using layer comps in CS2

Added on Monday 15th of February 2010 04:28 am EST


Placing a native Photoshop file into Illustrator isn’t a new feature, but using Photoshop files that contain layer comps is new; not only that, but a most welcome feature, too. Illustrator CS2 adds support for Photoshop layer comps, which allows you to control the visibility of layer comps in linked, embedded, and opened Photoshop files the same as you would regular Photoshop layers.
Using layer comps allows you to show a client several variations of a layout from a single file such as the file Layer Comps.psd (provided in Photoshop CS2’s Samples folder) shown in FIGURE A. You can create, manage, and view multiple compositions or comps of a page layout with ease using this new time-saving feature.

Get to know layer comps
A layer comp is a snapshot of a state of the Layers palette. Layer comps record three types of layer options:
• VISIBILITY. This records whether layers in the Layers palette are hidden or visible.
• POSITION. This tracks the order in which the layers are stacked in the Layers palette.
• APPEARANCE. This records the styles applied to the layers in the Layers palette.
You create a comp by making changes to the layers in your document and updating the comp in the Layer Comps palette. We’ll show you how to do so.

Create a layer comp
Unlike Photoshop layer sets, layer comps can record whether the layer is visible, ...