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Library: Creative Design


Turn a flawed photo into a million-dollar shot

Added on Monday 15th of February 2010 04:45 am EST


Photoshop CS3’s Auto-Align Layers feature opens up a new way of combining and manipulating multiple images to create one perfect image. You can use the Auto-Align Layers command to:
• Delete or replace parts of images that have the same or nearly identical backgrounds.
• Stitch images together that contain overlapping content.
• Add or delete content across multiple video frames to create one image with a static background.

Use your best features
We’ll show you how you can pick out the best features of two photos, as shown in Figure A, and combine them into one, as shown in Figure B. Auto-Align lets you combine the best features in both photos to get one errorfree image. Here’s how you can use Auto- Align to turn your flawed shots into a perfect shot every time!

To set up your images to Auto-Align:
1. Open your two images. Or, to follow along with us, downloa...