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Library: Creative Design


Combine Raw output profiles for greater image control

Added on Wednesday 4th of March 2009 09:23 am EST

Application > Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2
Operating Systems > Macintosh, Microsoft Windows

Color balance has long been a problem for photographers. For many years the solution for traditional photographers was to use a filter that would convert tungsten balanced film to daylight balance when used outdoors, and vice versa. With the arrival of digital photography, digital photographers now use on-camera white balance correction software. But while both methods work well for general lighting situations, mixed lighting situations remain a problem. However, by making use of the versatility afforded by Raw format output profiles and Photoshop's Color Selection command, the solution is simple. You can see our result in Figure A.

Find a Raw image to cook up
Though mixed lighting situations most often happen in indoor situations, they can occur outside as well. Let's open an image that was shot outdoors at dawn when the color temperature of the sun was quite warm. To follow along using our example, download the outdoors .nef file from the URL address given at the beginning of this article.
1. Launch Photoshop, choose File > Open, navigate to the outdoors .nef file, and click Open to display the Camera Raw dialog box, as shown in Figure B. The scene h...