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Create realistic Polaroid-style frames for your im

Added on Monday 15th of June 2009 11:25 pm EST

You’ve probably seen articles on how to create a Polaroid-style photo frame in Adobe Photoshop. We’ll show you how to create the same eff ect in InDesign, as shown in Figure A. The typical size of Polaroid fi lm is 4 x 5 inches with an image area of about 3.5 x 4.6 inches, so we’ll follow these dimensions fairly closely. Once you create the fi nal frame, of course, you can scale it proportionately to any size you need.

Create a custom frame
To construct the frame in which to contain the image, you first need to draw a rectangle and add two smooth points on either side. You can then “bend” the sides of the rectangle by adjusting the direction handles for each point that connect the line segments.

To create the frame:
1. Create a new InDesign document. 2. Press D to set the Fill and Stroke colors to None and Black, respectively. 3. Select the Rectangle tool in the Toolbox, and then click on the page to open the Rectangle dialog box. Enter 4 in the Width text box, 5 in the Height text box, and then click OK (or press [enter]).
4. Drag a guide from the Horizontal Ruler down to the center of the rectangle.
5. Press P to select the Pen tool , and then click on the center of the left side of the rectangle, as shown in Figure B.

6. Press the [left arrow] key 10 times to bend the line.
7. [option]-click ([Alt]-click in Windows) and drag the direction handles from the...