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10 surefire ways to cut your printing costs

Added on Monday 15th of June 2009 11:25 pm EST

Of all the arrangements you have to make while planning a new project, printing may be one of the most frustrating. For many consumers, printing costs seem to disappear down a big black hole. Too often, print jobs fail to meet their expectations. So how can you gain control of your printing costs? Here are 10 surefi re ways to save money and avoid printing nightmares.

Find the right printer
Not every printer is created equal. Some specialize in commercial printing, some in stationery products, some in fi nancial printing. Some do copying as opposed to off set printing. A printer’s niche depends on the equipment he or she has. If you select an inappropriate printer, you’ll pay more than you need to, and your quality might suffer, too.

Tips for selecting a new printer:
• Interview three to fi ve print vendors about the kinds of jobs you need printed.
• Get samples of similar work they’ve printed for other customers.
• Be clear about the level of service you expect from them.
• Once you’ve found vendors who do the types of printing you need, ask them for estimates. If you’ve chosen well, the estimates should be in the same ballpark.
Choosing the right printer is harder than you think. When in doubt, a print buyer consultant can ensure you’re swimming in the right vendor pool.

Aim for zero waste
Studies show that roughly 30% of every print job goes to waste. (Remember that $7,500 you spent on your last print job? You likely wasted $2,250!) Take the ti...