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Harness the Power of Poser Pro with Photoshop CS3 Extended

Added on Tuesday 22nd of July 2008 07:26 am EST
Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2/CS3
Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows, Macintosh

Integrating the human form in your designs poses a serious challenge for most folks because the human figure and its attributes are very difficult to create from scratch. But with Poser Pro, you don’t need to! We’ll show you how to harness the power of Poser Pro and add realistic human forms to your Photoshop images.

To show you what Poser Pro can do for you, we’ll:

  • Introduce you to Poser Pro and scratch the surface of what you might use it for.
  • Explain how to integrate your Poser Pro creations into your Photoshop imagery.
  • Point you to an internet portal where you can find an abundance of Poser Pro help, resources, and support.

Some people have a passion for drawing the human form—but passion alone may not be enough to refine an image of the human figure. Capturing just the right pose, facial features, or special lighting necessary to convey your message in a believable fashion takes a lot of talent—and frankly a lot of time that most of us don’t have. That’s where Poser Pro comes in. Stepping up to the plate to assist you with all your 3D figure-rendering needs, Poser Pro is ready and much more than capable.

Humble beginnings
At first glance, Poser Pro is a very intimidating application, sporting an interface with more controls, parameters, buttons, and settings than you may know what to do with, as shown in Figure A.


But it wasn’t always this complex; in 1995, with the assistance of a wooden mannequin, Larry Weinberg developed Poser, a much simpler application that provided artists a means to visualize the human form. Thirteen years in the making, Poser has erupted into a phenomenal, multi-faceted powerhouse application, capable of creating endless human poses with a multitude of rendering options, including but not limited to lighting, shadows, skin textures, hair, and cloth.

Note: Available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, Poser Pro retails for $499. Point your browser to for more detailed product information and system requirements.

Why use Poser Pro?
As a graphic designer or professional photographer, you might wonder what you can do with Poser Pro. Here are just a few possibilities:
  • Create realistic and customized 3D human images to incorporate in your Photoshop and animation work.
  • Use Poser Pro to generate customized human features, such as a face or a pointing finger, to use for web graphics, which would otherwise be difficult to create.
  • Import Poser Pro images into Photoshop and enhance them for unique illustrations.
  • Import your own photographs into Poser Pro to create custom model designs.
  • Sculpt new faces and characters of any desired age, gender, and ethnicity, in any desired pose, from any angle, complete with dynamic hair, realistic cloth, and lighting effects.

Talk Designer: The cool factor
Every software application—or the good ones anyway—have at least one element of surprise that makes your jaw drop. Poser Pro has more than a few of these features, but the one we found most impressive is the Talk Designer.
           The Talk Designer enables you to import an audio file, and then set controls in the Talk Designer palette to map phonemes to facial expressions. From there, you can easily animate facial features to synchronize with your creation’s speech. You can eve...