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Library: Creative Design


Create soft watercolor effects with Photoshop's Median filter (CS/CS2)

Added on Saturday 4th of April 2009 09:23 am EST


You probably use noise filters to produce a gritty look to an image, as well as add and remove pixels to blend a selection into surrounding pixels. But you can also use noise filters, such as the Median filter, to create unusual textures in an image. Although you may at first think the filter has the same effect as other blur filters, it actually produces a stylish blurred and flattened look by replacing pixels that differ from adjacent pixels. The end result appears similar to a watercolor design, but it offers more control and a more unique look than using the Watercolor effect.

To use the Median filter, launch Photoshop, and open an image, such as the one shown in Figure A. Now, select Filter > Noise > Median to display the Median dialog box. Move the Radius slider to a value of 9 pixels. T...