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Multitask with the Eyedropper tool to save time fo

Added on Tuesday 16th of March 2010 12:59 am EST

Paragraph and Character styles are invaluable resources to any designer who’s formatting text. But there’s an easy way to transfer styles from one character, word, line, or paragraph to another—the Eyedropper tool. Let’s take a look at what the Eyedropper tool can do for you!

Sample color
The Eyedropper tool in InDesign works much like its counterparts in Illustrator and Photoshop. There are two functions the Eyedropper tool enables you to do regarding color. First, you can create a color swatch by taking a sample of color from an object with the Eyedropper tool. Second, you can take a color sample from one object and apply it to a selected item.

To create a new color swatch based on an object’s fill or stroke:
1. Select the Eyedropper tool from the Tools panel.
2. Click on the object whose color you want to sample. The Eyedropper tool will appear full.
3. Click the New Color Swatch icon on the Swatches palette to add that color to the palette. (If desired, double-click on the swatch to rename it.)

To sample the color of one object and ...