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Library: InDesign

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Know when to use Adobe Bridge, libraries, or snipp

Added on Tuesday 16th of March 2010 12:59 am EST

Applications: Adobe InDesign CS2/CS3, Adobe Bridge CS2/CS3
Operating Systems: Macintosh, Microsoft Windows

Can you explain the difference between libraries, snippets, and Adobe Bridge? I’ve been using InDesign for over a year and still haven’t dove into this because of my uncertainty. I need some place to grab my pictures or text from easily, and multiple instances at a time if possible. Which one is best for that purpose?

From the tasks you described, it sounds like you’d be a candidate for using a library or snippets. But Adobe Bridge offers many useful features as well, so let’s just take a closer look at each one.

Adobe Bridge
Adobe released the Bridge application with CS2 as a replacement to—and expansion upon—the File Browser. Bridge is an interface application that provides a way for you to organize, tag, preview, and find images; launch your Adobe application of choice; import photos from your digital camera; manage file metadata; batch process a number of actions; and synchronize color settings across the Creative Suite. Whew! There’s even a loupe preview in CS3!
Bridge also provides image previews and an easy way to import images into InDesign. As...