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Import InDesign files into InDesign CS3 to save it

Added on Friday 16th of April 2010 12:59 am EST

If you design any of your company’s products, you’re probably accustomed to providing the marketing team with screen-captured TIFF files or PDFs of your layouts to re-use in the marketing collateral. One major flaw in that design process is that if you make a change in your original art, you need to re-generate a new TIFF file or export a new PDF as a replacement. Thanks to CS3’s new ability to import InDesign files, that task’s now a breeze!

Place an InDesign file
You can now place any InDesign file into InDesign CS3. Yes, that includes all earlier version files. For our example, we’ll place 3 different newsletter covers into a marketing postcard, as shown in Figure A.