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Library: Creative Design


Use your pointer to easily move text inside a circular shape (Illustrator CS/CS2)

Added on Saturday 4th of April 2009 09:23 am EST


A handy feature of Illustrator is the ability to set type on the outside of a shape such as a circle. But it isn't obvious how to set type on the inside portion of a circle. To do this, launch Illustrator, open a new document, and select the Ellipse tool from the Toolbox . Press [shift] and then draw a circle. Choose None for both the Fill and Stroke color. Next, select the Type On A Path tool from the Toolbox. Click on the bottom anchor point, and then enter your text, as shown in Figure A. Next, select the Selection tool from the Toolbox, and then click on the I-beam next to the text. Drag toward the center of the circle. As you move across the circle's path, the text flips to the inside, as shown in Figure B. You can then use the Baseline Shift option on the Character palette to fine-tune the position of your te...