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Discover the Adobe Output Module script for web photo galleries in Bridge CS4

Added on Friday 21st of August 2009 05:10 am EST


Adobe Bridge CS4

Operating Systems:

Macintosh, Microsoft Windows


With a bundle of images to share with a client—whether it’s a design portfolio or wedding proofs—you may consider using Photoshop to organize your digital images as a web photo gallery. However, the Web Gallery isn’t a standard option in Photoshop CS4. With the CS4 release, Adobe engineers developed the Adobe Output Module script for Bridge CS4 to take over this function. We’ll show you how it works. 

To create a web photo gallery in Bridge CS4, we’ll:

     Access Bridge CS4’s Output panel to locate the Web Gallery features.

     Create a web photo gallery using our sample image files.

     Save the web photo gallery and supporting files to disk. 


The bad news is that with the release of CS4, Adobe pulled the Web Gallery and Contact Sheet II features from the standard Photoshop installation. The good news is that those features are still available—they’re just located in a different application and they’re, well, a little bit different. Whether the features work better is a matter of opinion, and there’s much debate about that topic in the online community. Rather than argue about the pros and cons, we’ll just show you how you can take advantage of these features in CS4.


Want to use the original Web Gallery plug-in?

If you want to use the original Web Gallery or Contact Sheet II plug-ins, you can download the optional plug-in package from Adobe’s website. Macintosh users point your browser to, and Windows users point your browser to You can also find these older favorites in the Goodies folder on your CS4 DVD install disc.


Update the Bridge Output Module

While not a new update, Adobe has an Adobe Output Module Update for Bridge CS4 on its website. “This update provides the ability to add header and footer information to PDF files and reduces the size of JPEG files generated for use in web galleries,” affirms Adobe’s website.


Bridge the gap

To create a web photo gallery, you’ll need a number of images to work with. To follow along with our example, download the file from the URL given at the beginning of this article and extract the ten low-resolution sample images. (Images provided by PhotoSpin. Some images modified for educational purposes.)

Bridge CS4 now has the Web Gallery feature, controlled by the new Adobe Output Module Script. Let’s access the Web Gallery and get started.


To access the Web Gallery options:

1.       Launch Bridge CS4.

2.      Using the Folders panel, navigate to the folder of images you just downloaded so the previews display in the Content panel.

3.      Choose Window > Workspace > Output to open the Output panel.

4.      Click on the Web Gallery button on the Output panel. Your window should look similar to ours, as shown in Figure A.





Create a web photo gallery

As you can see in the Output panel, there are different Web Gallery options you can set, including eight different templates from which to choose. Let’s run through the steps to create a web photo gallery.


To create a web photo gallery:

1.       [shift]-click all the images you’d like to include in the web photo gallery. Tip: [command]-click ([Ctrl]-click in Windows) multiple non-contiguous images.