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Library: Creative Design


Draw spectacular floral shapes with help from Illustrator's Blend tool

Added on Saturday 4th of April 2009 09:23 am EST

Application > Adobe Illustrator CS/CS2
Operating Systems > Macintosh, Microsoft Windows

Nothing lifts the spirits more than flowers. Their intricate shapes and rich colors catch the eye and inspire the imagination. However, for those very reasons, they can be very difficult to illustrate. While some floral shapes, such as tulips, are relatively simple to draw, most flower shapes, such as African violets and roses, are filled with intricate detail. However, you can simplify the process by using Illustrator's Blend tool. Let's create an example to see how easy and fun it can be to create an illustration like the one in Figure A. To begin, let's briefly examine the basic structure of most flowers.

The anatomy of a flower
Just as anyone who endeavors to draw a human figure should study the anatomy of the human form, you should do as well when drawing a flower. In doing so you'll better understand its structure and, as a result, be able to achieve a more refined drawing. A flower generally consists of leaves, stems, sepals, a pistil, stamens, and petals. But of all those parts, it's the petals that intrigue us the most, and since they're what come to mind when we usually think of flowers, we'll concentrate on them for this technique.

Petal shapes come in as many varieties as there are flowers. But generally petal shapes consist of three parts: the tip, the body, and the base, as shown in Figure B. Of these parts, it's the shape of the tip tha...