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Print out a list of your keyboard shortcuts (CS)

Added on Tuesday 26th of April 2005 11:48 pm EST


Adobe Photoshop CS

Operating Systems:

Macintosh, Microsoft Windows


Photoshop, Keyboard Shortcuts, Customize



Photoshop CS introduced the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts. Actaully, just about everything you can do in Photoshop can have a keyboard shortcut assigned to it. Until you use them with some regularity, it’s often difficult to remember them all. However, you can easily print out a cheat sheet for yourself.


To print out a Photoshop CS keyboard shortcut cheat sheet:

1.   Launch Photoshop CS.

2.   Choose Edit > Keyboard shortcuts.

3.   From the Set pop-up menu, select the set of shortcuts you wish to print out. If you’ve never customized your shortcuts, Photoshop Defaults will be the only option.

4.   Click Summarize.

5.   Navigate to a spot you wish to save the .htm file. The desktop is probably fine since you can trash the file after you print it.

6.   Click Save.

Once you save the .htm file, simply launch your favorite web browser and open the file. The list of keyboard shortcuts will appear in your browser window, available for you to print out.


Rescue your original even after you save over it (7/CS)

by Amy Gebhardt


Adobe Photoshop 7/CS

Operating System:

Macintosh, Microsoft Windows


Photoshop, Backup, Restore, History


Have you ever made changes to an original image and then accidentally saved over it without making a backup copy? Well, if this sounds vaguely familiar, then we have some good news for future accidents.