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Quickly adjust your images with Photoshop's Auto commands

Added on Monday 1st of November 2010 03:55 am EST


Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3/CS4/CS5

Operating Systems:

Macintosh, Microsoft Windows


Are Auto adjustments such as Auto Tone and Auto Contrast useful? Or, is it better to rely on your own expertise to make the adjustments using the Levels, Curves, etc. dialog boxes instead?


Making your own adjustments is certainly the way to go if you want full control over the adjustment. But that doesn’t mean these commands won’t do a good job given the chance. The next time you need to make tonal or color adjustments for your image, give these a try. If you don’t like the results, simply undo the adjustment. Who knows, you just might find that the auto adjustment is exactly what your image needs!


Auto commands

Under the Image menu are three commands that “automatically” adjust your image. (In CS2/CS3, choose Image > Adjustments to find these commands.) Let’s go over what you can do with these commands:

        Auto Tone (Auto Levels in CS2/CS3). This command adjusts the tonal balance using the black and white point in your image.

        Auto Contrast. This command fixes the contrast in your image. It increases as well as decreases contrast depending upon the tonal information present in the original image.

        Auto Color. This command corrects the color balance in your image. It examines the midtones in your ...