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Library: Creative Design


Quick-check and compare image metadata with Bridge (CS2)

Added on Tuesday 4th of August 2009 09:23 am EST


Selecting the right image for a publication is always an important aspect of document production. Typically, this involves choosing among several similar photos. Sometimes this is difficult without viewing the information found in the image metadata, but getting to this data is equally troublesome. One way to do so (slowly) is to use Adobe Photoshop to open each image, and then utilize the File Information command to inspect each image individually. A faster way to check and compare the metadata in multiple image files is to use Bridge.

To do so, open Bridge and then navigate to your image files. Select the Metadata tab found in the lower left of the window, and then choose Camera Data (EXIF). Then, when you select an image, the information for that file appears in the Camera Data (EXIF) wi...