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Zoom in and out any way you want

Added on Friday 2nd of March 2012 05:07 am EST

by Dianne Sloan
Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3/CS4/CS5
Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows/Macintosh


It seems like everyone has a different way to zoom in and out on an area of digital images. I always just use the Zoom tool. Is there a better, more efficient way that I’m missing out on?


Well, you are right in the fact that there are many different ways to zoom in and out on an image. People definitely have their preferred methods, so we’ll go ahead and point several of them out to you so that you can adopt the one that works best for you, and feel like you’re in the know!


Use the Zoom tool
As you mentioned there’s the trusty Zoom tool, which has a way of zooming within itself. First, click on the Zoom tool, which makes a magnifying glass appear, and then click on your image and release; it will zoom in with the area that you clicked on being the center. Another method is to select the Zoom tool, click in the area that you want to zoom in on and drag a marquee selection. If you need to zoom in more, simply repeat either one of these methods. Once you’ve reached the maximum level of magnification, the plus sign will no longer appear on the Zoom tool. To zoom out using the Zoom tool, press [option] ([Alt] in Windows) with the Zoom tool selected and simply click on your image; your image is then reduced by the preset percentage.


Choose Zoom options from the menu bar
Another way to Zoom in or out on an image is to choose View > Zoom In or View > Zoom Out, respec...