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Library: Creative Design


Enhance user experience by creating printable pages of your website

Added on Sunday 4th of October 2009 09:23 am EST


How many times have you tried to print a page from a web site and discovered that half the text was missing from the printout or the document was of such poor quality that it was illegible? You can prevent this from happening to visitors who are trying to print from your web site. All you have to do is create a printready PDF file for them. Then, use this technique to post any printable document, such as resumes, portfolio samples, order forms, brochures, or books. And, the best part is that GoLive practically does the work for you! Let's take a closer look.

FIND OUT MORE: Although creating printable PDFs from your website is convenient when done in GoLive, it can also be done in Acrobat. To find out how, read September 2005's article, “Easily create a PDF of a web page with Adobe Acrobat Professional”. View it online at WWW.ELIJOURNALS.COM /PREMIER/SHOWARTICLE.ASP?AID=19071.

Go from web to print
Going from web to print is easy using GoLive. To begin, you first need to find a web page that you'd like to convert to a printable document and preview it as a PDF.

To access the PDF preview:
1. Launch GoLive and open a web page of which you want to create a printable PDF.
2. Click on the PDF Preview tab at the top of the document window, as shown in FIGURE A.

Now you're ready to format your pages.

Format using the PDF Creation Inspector
Now, go to the PDF Creation Inspector (Page tab of the PDF Creation Inspector in CS) to d...