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Library: Creative Design


Give users the MP3 plug-in they want to use (GoLive)

Added on Monday 15th of February 2010 03:58 am EST


When embedding MP3s onto a web page, you should consider which plug-in to support. You can embed a Real Audio player, a QuickTime player, and Windows Media Player among others. But if you want to cater to all of the users, it’s a good idea to embed multiple MP3 player plug-ins. But there’s a problem with this approach—if the viewer has all of the plug-ins they’ll be bombarded with all of the MP3s playing simultaneously when the browser is loaded. It’s wise to let the viewer choose and play the plug-in of choice when they’re ready.

To embed MP3 audio into a web page and turn off the sound:
1. Open a web page in GoLive.
2. Click on the Real object , the QuickTime object , and/or the Windows Media object and drag it from the Toolbar onto the webpage, as shown i...