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Thursday, June 02nd, 2011 | Author:

The desire to acquire supernatural powers and change the world into an idealized one is what everyone fascinates about. From the world of such fascination comes the Ice-Maiden, one of the most popular comic Super heroine, who possesses the power to replace herself into ice and strengthen her stamina to fight the odds. If you too have such desire to convert yourself into a superwoman, here are a few amazing Photoshop tips that will help you to create your image into a stunning ice-maiden. This is not all. You can even get your friends’ images turn into ice-maiden too. So just jump out of your comfort zone and start now with some amazing Photoshop tutorials.

Here’s how you can change a woman into a Ice-Maiden in 10 easy steps :

Step 1 :-

Take a nice portrait of girl and open it in Photoshop. Please respect copyright laws.

Step 2 :-

Choose Rectangular Marquee Tool and Go to Image > Crop to crop the face only.

Step 3 :-

Choose Pen Tool and Draw like melt as shown in the screenshot.