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This time we’ve managed to ‘think out of the box’ and managed to come up with this Spiderman tutorial – where our superhero manages to emerge ‘out of the box’ – literally – and play the role of the savior. This tutorial will help you create this 3D-like image of Spiderman emerging from a television set, with flames all around and saving the little boy’s life.

Main component(s) used: Pen Tool, Smudge Tool, Burn Tool, Layer Blending Option etc.

These steps will help you weave ‘Spiderman’ magic on your images.

Step 1 :-

Take an image which you found suitable for this tutorial and open it in Photoshop. Please respect copyright laws.

Step 2 :-

In your image use Pen Tool and make path around your image as I did on Spiderman.

Step 3 :-

Make a selection on TV screen with Lasso Tool and fill black color.

Step 4 :-

Put Spiderman image in such a way that it looks coming out from Television. Use Transform (Ctrl+T) to adjust it.

Step 5 :-

Bring down the opacity of Spiderman layer and select the child layer to make a path of his hand and bring up the current layer to show the right position.

Step 6 :-

Right click on Spiderman layer and go to Blending option > Outer Glow.

Step 7 :-

Choose Pen Tool and draw a path on a new layer and right click on work path and go to Stroke Path to create waves as shown in the screenshot.

Step 8 :-

Right click on waves layer and go to Blending option > Outer Glow, inner Glow as shown in the screenshot.

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