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Steel, one of the unique alloy is not only used to manufacture ships, vehicles, utensils and similar other products. It can also be used to customize your text. By using chains, bolts and screws you can create magnificent text and enhance your creativity. Just use few Photoshop tools and design your own text.

Main component(s) used: Pen Tool, Action, Erase Tool, Layer Blending Option, Layer Mask etc.

Here are 23 steps to help to transform your own Steel Text effect:

Step 1 :-

Draw a steel pattern using Pen Tool and similar kind of gradient as shown in the screenshot.

Step 2 :-

Go to Edit > Define Pattern and name the pattern “Steel” as shown in the screenshot.

Step 3 :-

Type a word for apply your effect using Horizontal Type Tool.

Step 4 :-

Right click on Text layer and click on Blending Option; go to Gradient Overlay and choose black & white gradient

Step 5 :-

Copy the text layer by “Ctrl+J” and move to little right by using arrow key on keyboard. Now right click on current layer and go to Blending Option > Pattern Overlay and choose here your steel pattern as shown in the screenshot.

Step 6 :-

Set the value of Bevel and Emboss as shown in the screenshot.

Step 7 :-

Choose Contour style as per your like.

Step 8 :-

Set the value of Satin as shown in the screenhot.

Step 9 :-

Choose Ellipse Tool to create screw on steel pattern.

Step 10 :-

In Blending Option set the value of Bevel and Emboss.

Step 11 :-

To create screw divider choose Rectangle Tool and set value of Drops Shadow in layer style window.

Step 12 :-

Set the value on Inner Shadow and Inner Glow as shown in the screenshot.

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