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Are you a baseball fan? How does a base ball inspired stitch effect in Photoshop sound to you? Cool, right? Then let’s get started. Spruce up your designs, be it poster, banner or T-shirt with this uber-cool stitch effect in few quick steps and grab instant attention of your friends. Bingo, I say!

Main Component(s) used:  Brush Preset, Transform, Expand and Layer Style Options etc.

Follow Just 6 simple steps help you to create baseball inspired stitch effect:

Step 1 :-

Choose bold font for this effect.

Step 2 :-Press the Ctrl/Cmd key and click the text layer’s icon to create a selection.

Step 3 :-

Go to Select > Modify > Expand, and set the value =15. This will expand the selection outwards.

Step 4 :-

Take a new layer under the text and fill the selection with white.

Step 5 :-

Press Ctrl/Cmd + Click the text layer’s icon once again, then go to Select > Modify > Expand, and set the value=1. Press delete key on stroke layer.

Step 6 :-

This is optional; inverse the selection and delete the unwanted part.

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