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Photoshop Tricks Application:

Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2/CS3/CS4

Operating Systems:

Macintosh, Microsoft Windows

Are your photos looking a little too pretentious and intense these days? If so, maybe it is time to rebel. Do not think much about perfecting tone and correcting color. In its place, you can make light of modern culture and use Photoshop tricks to create trendy, multi-toned images reminiscent of the resurgent pop art style.

Here we will show you how to transform an image into pop art:

  • Draw emphasis to the tonal values in your image with the Cutout filter.
  • Allow selective editing with the creation of channel masks.
  • Splatter brilliant bursts of color on your image with the help of multiple adjustment layers.

When you listen to the words “pop art”, the first name that you recall is probably Andy Warhol. Pop art started in the 1940s and reached its zenith in New York in the 1960s with Warhol’s quasi-photographic paintings of people and everyday stuff.  Andy Warhol’s art is provocative, sharp, frivolous, brilliant, irritating, intelligent, bold – in fact, it depends on whom you speak to.  Whatever said and done, its purpose however is undisputed.

So if you’re ready to say the heck with “Art for art’s sake,” we will guide you on ways to bring art back to the material realities of day to day life and pop culture. Warhol did so with flat, bright acrylics on silkscreen and canvas. We will perform this with a conventional image and a Photoshop technique. It’s not that tough and the results are certainly groovy.

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