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Unleash the spirit of vengeance with this ‘Ghost Rider’ Photoshop tutorial. This expert tutorial tells you how to create that hell blazing vigilante ghost rider look. Get started and be a fiery antihero!

Main component(s) used: Brush Tool, Pen tool, Gradient tool, Path, Warp Tool and Color mask etc.

These 7 steps helps you how to create that hell blazing vigilante ghost rider.

Step 1 :-

Take an similar aggressive image and open in Photoshop. Respect the copyright law.

Step 2 :-

Choose Magic Wand Tool to remove background of image. Copy the image by Ctrl+J.

Step 3 :-

Go to Image > Adjustment > Bright & Contrast.

Step 4 :-

Go to Layer > Layer Style and set the background with gradient as shown in the screenshot.

Step 5 :-

Set the color in color overlay. Set color opacity as shown in the screenshot.

Step 6 :-

Make selection around the hands with Pen Tool and fill black color.

Step 7 :-

Go to Layer > Layer style and set the value of Bevel and Emboss.

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