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Create super fun pop out effect in Photoshop with this week’s tutorial. Add an interesting element in your design my making your images pop out of the frame. We always strive to bring something new to you, and this unique and innovative tutorial will spruce up any design in a jiffy.  Make your picture hop a little jump a little with this easy peasy tutorial!

Main Component(s) used:  Layer Mask, Refine Edge, Transform and Gradient fill etc.

Follow Just 5 simple steps teach you how to POP out your photo.

Step 1 :-

Open any similar kinf of image in Photoshop.

Step 2 :-

Duplicate the image twice with Ctrl+J. Take a new layer under the top layer while pressing ctrl key; name it frame.

Step 3 :-

Choose Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a selection as shown in the screenshot.

Step 4 :-

Go to Edit > Stroke and choose white as color and 12px width as shown in the screenshot.

Step 5 :-

Go to Edit > Transform > Perspective and using corner nodes give a similar shape as shown in the screenshot.

Step 6 :-

Select frame layer while pressing Ctrl key to get the selection.

Step 7 :-

Press “Q” for quick mask.

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