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Want to add some bizarre effect to your design? Try crack effect! This effect is perfect for grunge designs, and if you’re a sucker for everything wacky, then this is your game. Add some eerie feel to your mundane designs by cracking up your face into pieces.  Use this quick and easy Photoshop tutorial to –wow or scare your friends.

Main Component(s) used: Layer  Blending Mode, Radial Blur and Layer Mask etc.

These 5 easy steps will help you to crack up your image.

Step 1 :-

Take a similar image and open in the photoshop.

Step 2 :-

Take a mud crack image and set over the original image and change the layer blending mode to overlay.

Step 3 :-

Choose layer mask on cracks layer and apply brush with white to remove the extra area of mud cracks. Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue and saturation to change the color of cracks to little redish.

Step 4 :-

In layer style options; set the value of Drop Shadow

Step 5 :-

Set the value of inner shadow

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