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Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 | Author:

Colored photographs represent vividness while black and white photographs remind us of the old memories. But what if we combine the two effects? This expert Photoshop tutorial tells you how to add color to a black and white image and convert it into a lively picture using gradient map. Get started now and let your image express colorful emotions!

Main component(s) used: Quick Selection Tool, Gradient Map, and inverse etc.

These 6 easy steps help you how to use layer mask to create the effect:

Step 1 :-

Take a nice colorful image. Open in photoshop and please respect the copyright law.

Step 2 :-

Choose Quick Selction Tool and selction those portion that you remain in color.

Step 3 :-

Go to Select > Inverse to inverse the selection.

Step 4 :-

Press “D” to default foreground/background color. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map and click on oK in New layer information

Step 5 :-

In Adjustment Gradient Map choose third Gradient (B/W) for bright black and white image.

Step 6 :-

Select layer mask on gradient map layer, apply brush tool on those parts that you forget to select and want to color (make sure foreground color is black). Apply brush tool on those part of image that you don’t want in color (make sure foregrougnd color is white)

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Thursday, April 15th, 2010 | Author:

All you Photoshop fanatics we got a special treat for you. If you ever wanted to try your hands at Pop-art we are going to help you with it. Our in- house experts came up with this great 31- step tutorial to create pop-art posters. We extracted the subject from its context and tried to add some cool effects. If you want to learn just keep reading:

Let’s now start with a very ordinary photograph and create a pop-art poster out of it.

Step 1

Take a person’s or your own photo and open it in Photoshop. Please respect copyright laws.

Step 2

Select Pen Tool and create a path around the person.

Step 3

Press “Ctrl+Enter” for converting this path into a selection. more…