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Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 | Author:

Colored photographs represent vividness while black and white photographs remind us of the old memories. But what if we combine the two effects? This expert Photoshop tutorial tells you how to add color to a black and white image and convert it into a lively picture using gradient map. Get started now and let your image express colorful emotions!

Main component(s) used: Quick Selection Tool, Gradient Map, and inverse etc.

These 6 easy steps help you how to use layer mask to create the effect:

Step 1 :-

Take a nice colorful image. Open in photoshop and please respect the copyright law.

Step 2 :-

Choose Quick Selction Tool and selction those portion that you remain in color.

Step 3 :-

Go to Select > Inverse to inverse the selection.

Step 4 :-

Press “D” to default foreground/background color. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map and click on oK in New layer information

Step 5 :-

In Adjustment Gradient Map choose third Gradient (B/W) for bright black and white image.

Step 6 :-

Select layer mask on gradient map layer, apply brush tool on those parts that you forget to select and want to color (make sure foreground color is black). Apply brush tool on those part of image that you don’t want in color (make sure foregrougnd color is white)

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Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 | Author:

Would you like to have a private label like the rich and the famous? Would you like to be a brand name? Would you like to autograph your possessions? If yes, here’s how you can label your stuff with your name using Photoshop skills. Follow our easy to understand, 35-step tutorial to create an exclusive brand no one else has. Craft a visual delight with reflected images of objects and added effects.

So, decide where you would like the impression of your name. Decide what you would like to own. A beer brand, line of designer clothing or a coveted perfume? The choice is all yours.

Here’s what you need to do to come up with this eye-catching product ad:

Step 1 :-

Take an image of a plain beer bottle and glass and open it in Photoshop. Please respect copyright laws.

Step 2 :-

Select the Pen Tool, draw a path around the beer as shown in the screenshot.

Step 3 :-

Go to Layer > Vector mask > Current Path to remove the white background as shown in the screenshot.


Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 | Author:

Science has proved it that flowers have human feelings like, they can see, hear, smell and feel. All the living things are capable to response to stimuli in the environment. Therefore, we thought that why not give an eye to a flower that can actually see like a human as in a human touch. But hey don’t think that it’s difficult, It can be done with the help of wonderful Photoshop tricks in just 14 easy steps, so start creating a flower with a human eye!

Little does this sunflower know that he’ll soon be able to see.

Step 1

Take an image of a sunflower and open in Photoshop. Please respect copyright laws.

Step 2:

Take an image of an eye and open in Photoshop. Select the image (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C) it.

Step 3:

Paste (Ctrl+V) the selection on the image. Transform it using “Ctrl+T” and go to Edit –> Transform –> Flip Horizontal. more…

Friday, February 04th, 2011 | Author:

How fascinated we all are by these half human, half fish creatures they call as mermaids, and how immensely wonderful it would be if we could turn ourselves and our loved ones into mermaids. With the amazing Photoshop tricks that are taught here, you can actually do that in a snap. And the fun just doesn’t just end there. There’s so much more you can do with the help of a number of such interesting and immensely helpful Photoshop tutorials.

Here’s how you can change a woman into a mermaid in 20 easy steps:

Mermaid Effect

Step 1

Take an image of a woman reclining on a chair and open in Photoshop. Please respect copyright laws.

Step 2

Select Pen Tool to create a path around her.

Step 3

Convert the path into a selection by pressing (Ctrl+Enter) and copy (Ctrl+J) the Layer 1. Go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. more…

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 | Author:

Remember the hippie era of 1960s? How greatly everyone was influenced by the subculture and the new fashion values it brought about with itself. We rejuvenated the same fashion sense with these pair of shoes. Starting from a pair of plain sneakers, we made these electrifying shoes — of course through Photoshop — and named them the hippie shoes. So how about a little more Photoshop fun? The screen is all yours. Just get set and go!

An ordinary, staid, running shoe is what we are about to start with.

Step 1

Take an image of shoe and open it in Photoshop. Please respect copyright laws.

Step 2

Use Pen Tool and create path around the shoe.

Step 3

Convert the path into a selection by pressing “Ctrl+Enter”. more…