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Create the look of chiseled stone without the mess

Added on Friday 9th of December 2011 09:20 am EST

By Michelle Dick


Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3/CS4/CS5

Operating Systems:

Macintosh, Microsoft Windows


Finding new ways to enhance your designs is important, and focusing on text as a design element is the perfect way to create visual appeal. One good way to help your text enrich your designs is to create a carved effect for a classic and elegant effect. Luckily, creating an engraved text effect with Photoshop is simple and easy—and looks like a million bucks.


To create the classic look of chiseled stone, we’ll:

•     Create text using a Type tool mask and quickly change it into a type mask selection.

•     Copy and paste our selection to a new layer as not to disturb the integrity of the Background layer.

•     Use the Inner Shadow layer style to perfect our authentic chiseled stone text effect.


Long before the computer, pen and ink, or even papyrus, there was stone. The Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and many other early civilizations learned how to carve beautiful inscriptions in stone. Though you may not be able to chisel Michelangelo’s David from marble, you can create your own carved stone-like text effects, as shown in Figure A, without even picking up a chisel and hammer using Photoshop’s Bevel And Emboss layer style. Let’s start pounding away!



Note: To follow along with our example, download the file from the URL given at the beginning of this article and extract the file stone.png.


Create a type mask

We’ll start by using the Horizontal Type Mask tool to create a type mask. The Horizontal Type Mask tool works the same as the Horizontal Type tool, but instead of producing type on a new layer filled with your foreground color, it makes a selection border in the shape of the type.


To create a type mask and convert it into a selection border:

1.       Choose the Horizontal Type Mask tool from the Tools panel (located on the Type tool’s flyout menu), as shown in Figure B.

2.      Click on your canvas and enter the text Inscribe Here in capital letters on two text lines. As you enter text, a red type mask appears so you can see what you’ve done, as shown in Figure C.

3.      Use the Set Font Family pop-up menu located on the tool options bar to format the text with Adobe Garamond Bold or something similar.

4.      Set the Font Size to 48 pt and select the Center Text icon.


Note: If you want to reposition your entry, click on an area outs...