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Library: Creative Design


Rescue missing raw previews with this simple step (CS/CS2)

Added on Monday 15th of February 2010 04:08 am EST


If you work with raw files and Adobe Bridge in CS2 (or the File Browser in CS) you may encounter a situation where you can still open raw files, however, you can’t see the thumbnail previews in Bridge (or the File Browser). It might simply be because you need to purge the cache for the folder that contains the raw images. Before you do this, make sure the Bridge application is launched (or File Browser is open).

To purge a folder’s cache with Adobe Bridge:
1. Select a folder from the Folders palette or from the main Bridge window.
2. Choose Tools > Cache > Purge Cache For This Folder.
3. Click OK in the resulting dialog box—explaining that all previously generated thumbnails, metadata, and rankings may be deleted—to continue.
4. Selec...