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Who says we cannot control the weather? With Photoshop, we certainly CAN! Even if a picture is taken under the scorching sun, we can add snow to the picture with the tools, layers and much more! Follow this Snow Fall tutorial and let Photoshop do the magic for you by adding that realistic falling snow to your photographs.

Main component(s) used: Brush Tool, Filters,Blur filter, Noise, Layer Blending option, etc.

These 6 steps tell you how to adding that realistic falling snow to your photographs.

Step 1 :-

Take an bright clear image to show your effect. Go to Adjustment> Hue/Saturation or Ctrl+U and down the saturation of the image as shown in the screenshot.

Step 2 :-

Take a new layer and fill black color; go to Filter > Render > Differnent Clouds.

Step 3 :-

You will get a cloud image.

Step 4 :-

Change the clouds layer Bending Mode to Linear Dodge (Add).

Step 5 :-

Choose Eraser Tool to remove extra whiteness over clouds area.

Step 6 :-

Choose Brush Tool with selecting white color and apply on green grass as shown in screenshot.

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